At the ENS workshop earlier this week, I demoed the first MVP of ENS’s L2 support, showing how an ENS name can be resolved on Optimism.

This end-to-end demo is the first instance not just of resolving an ENS name using a layer 2 solution but also the first demonstration of an entirely new system for trustless communication between applications on layer 1 and different layer 2 solutions.

Video of demo and subsequent discussion

This system, based on an idea by Vitalik Buterin and described in detail in this medium post, defines a common way of interacting with layer 2…

Cobo recently offered to send me their Vault Pro, a hardware wallet focused on “see what you sign” security, which they’re presently adding Ethereum support to. They didn’t ask for anything in return, and I assume they expected I’d give it a try and maybe tweet about it.

Unfortunately, they sent it to someone who used to run a hobbyist electronics company, so I did a bit more than that.

Packaging and First Impressions

With the proliferation of layer 2 solutions for Ethereum that are starting to reach maturity, it’s important that ENS is able to provide resolution services across the entire ecosystem, as well as making it possible for ENS users to take advantage of the efficiencies made possible by Layer 2 solutions. …

The ENS team has been made aware of an issue relating to the migration of ENS .eth domains to the new registrar, where those names are owned by a contract such as a multisig wallet.

If the multisig wallet’s fallback function consumes more than the default ‘gas stipend’ of 2300 gas, migration of the name will succeed, but the deposit associated with the name will not be returned, becoming permanently inaccessible.

Most multisigs are ‘well behaved’ and will not be subject to this problem. However, for safety we recommend first transferring names owned by a multisig to an account before…

ENSNow is a DApp that lets users instantly register ENS subdomains with just a single click. Owners of second-level domains can ‘commit’ their domains to the system, which allows anyone to safely create a subdomain of their own, instantly.

With the migration to the new .eth registrar, anyone owning an ENSNow domain will need to migrate their name in order to continue issuing subdomains. Doing this also returns the deposit you paid to register the name, and allows the name’s registration to be extended.

If you bought an ENSNow domain, you don’t need to do anything right now.

Determining where your ENSNow domain is held

There were…

TL;DR: If you own a .eth domain, you will need to visit between May 4, 2019 and May 4, 2020 to migrate your domain to the new registrar.

When we launched ENS two years ago, it had only one top-level domain (TLD), .eth. We launched .eth with a registrar — the smart contract responsible for handling name registrations — based on a vickrey auction. Registering a .eth name under this interim registrar is a multi-step process, requiring bid and reveal transactions that have to be submitted during a fixed period.

The intention from day 1 was always that the…

Last September, we launched support for the .xyz top-level-domain (TLD) on ENS. Support for .xyz uses a trustless integration based on DNSSEC, and our intention was for it to serve as a test in advance of rolling this integration out across all TLDs that have the necessary support.

With DNSSEC integration, the majority of Internet TLDs — nearly 90% — will become available for use in ENS. Anyone who owns a domain on one of these TLDs will be able to claim the same domain inside ENS and use it just like they would a .eth domain. For instance,…

Minds & Machines, the owner of the .luxe TLD (top-level domain) recently announced that they will be opening registrations for .luxe with built-in integration with ENS. This is the culmination of a partnership between myself and Minds & Machines that we’ve been working on behind the scenes for nearly a year now, and we’re delighted to be able to launch it. Integrating directly with ENS means that .luxe is the first top-leveldomain that is natively “ENS enabled”.

What does it mean to be “ENS Enabled”?

Direct integration with ENS means that any owner of a .luxe domain can instantly associate it with an Ethereum account via their registrar…

We’re delighted to announce that as of today, it’s possible to claim your .xyz domain name on ENS! We’ve been working on this feature for a while, and it’s been possible to test it on Ropsten, but as of today, .xyz names are now supported by ENS on mainnet!

What does this mean?

This means that if you own a .xyz domain name (purchased through any DNS registrar), you’ll be able to claim the same name in ENS, and use it just like you would any .eth …

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) received a $1 million Ethereum Foundation (EF) grant in May. Since then, we’ve renewed our efforts to build an organisation able to solve the challenges required to develop a robust, trustworthy distributed naming system. Now that our efforts are producing tangible results, here’s an update on our progress so far, as well as future plans.

Incorporation & Hiring

ENS is now incorporated as a nonprofit company based in Singapore. The company’s name is True Names Limited. True Names LTD will oversee and fund ENS development and standardisation. …

Nick Johnson

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